CINP 2005 Regional Meeting, 20-22 April 2005

Anissa Abi-Dargham, Christer Allgulander, O Gureje, Rachel Jenkins, R N Kalaria, Brian Leonard, F Njenga, R M Pinder, Larry J. Siever, T.H. Svensson, Trevor W Robbins, G Horn, Jan-Åke Gustafsson, Carol Barnes, J R C Connor, P Z Zatta, T M Khamis, F A Ongecha, D M N Ndetei, L K Khasakhala, O A Obeijide, O El Rufaie, O Omigbodun, J M Tugumisirize, M Y H Moosa, N Kigozi, F O Fatoye, K Basangwa, E Kashala, L Kola, M B Sebit


List of abstract titles and authors:

1. Antipsychotics across the spectrum: An overview of their mechanisms of action

Anissa Abi-Dargham

2. Recent advances in the treatment of common anxiety disorders

Christer Allgulander

3. Psychiatry in Africa: The myths, the realities and the exotic

O Gureje

4. Mental Health policy developmet in Kenya and Tanznia - A DFID funded project

Rachel Jenkins, David Kima, Joseph Mbatia, Frank Njenga

5. Vascular factors in Alzheimer's disease

R N Kalaria

6. Depression as an immunologically based Neurodegenerative disorder

Brian Leonard

7. Eight years of progress in Arican Psychiatry

F Njenga

8. Treatment of Depression: Present and future

Dr R.M. Pinder

9. Imaging the Serotinergic system in impulsive aggressive personality disorder patients

Larry J Siever, Antonia S. New, Mari Goodman, Monte Buchsbaum, Erin Hazlett, Karen O'Flynn, Anissa Abi-argham, Marc Lauelle

10. Mode of action of Atypical antipsychotic rugs: Focus on A2 Adrnoceptors

T.H. Svensson

Neuroscience: Selected Abstracts

11. Chemical odulato of Fronto-execuitive functions: Neropsychiatric implications

Trevor W Robbins

12. Neural mechanisms of recognition memory and of social atacnt

Prof. G Horn

13. Estrogen signling after estrogen receptor ß (ERß)

Jan-Ake Gustafsson

14. Getting Lost: Hippocampal contributions to agerelated memory dysfunction

Carol Barnes

Metals and the brain: Selected abstracts

15. Modeling the contributin of iron mismanagement to Neurological disorders

Prof. J R C Connor

16. Aluminium-triggered fibrillogenesis of B-Amyloids

Prof. PZ Zatta, Dr D Drago, Mr G Tognon, Dr F Ricchelli

Psychiatry in Africa:

17. Psychosocal aspects of Khat use among the youth of Nairobi

Ms T M Khamis

18. PTSD among motor vehicle accident survivors, Kenya

Dr F A Ongecha

19. Psychiatric relities within African context - The Kenyan case Study

Prof. D M  N Ndetei

20. Adolescent-parenta interactions from infancy, Nairobi Kenya

Dr L K Ksakhala, Prof. D M N Ndetei

21. Alcohol use ong young persons: A focus group study in Southwest Nigeria

O A Obeijide

22. Personality disorders and personality traits among tyoe 2 Diabetic patients

Prof. O El Rufaie, Dr M Sabosy, Dr M S Abuzeid

23. Association of traumatic experiences with depression among Nigerian adolescents

Dr O Omigbodun, Dr K BakareMs O B Yusuf, Dr O Esan

24. Prevalence of depression among women attending outpatient clinics in Malawi

Dr  M Tugumisirize, Prof. Agn, Dr Musisi

25. Non-fatal suicidalbehaviour at the Johannesburg General Hospital

Dr  M Y H Moosa, Prof. F Y Jeenah, Dr A Pillay, Pof. M Vorstere, Dr R Liebenberg

26. Integrating mental health into general primary health care - Uganda's experience

Dr N Kigozi

27. Depression among Nigerian survivors of stroke:Prevalance and associated factors

Dr F.O Fatoye Dr M A Komolafe, Dr A. O Adewuya, Dr B.A. Eegunranti Prof. M.A. Lawal

28. NGO Involvement mental health care -The way forward

Dr  Basangwa

29. Prevalen of Attenton Deficit Hyperactivity sorder among African school children

Dr E KashalaProf. T Tylleskar, Dr I Elgen, Dr K Sommerfelt

30. Barriers to effective mental health care in Nigeria

Ms L. Kola

31. Quay of life evaluation in patients with HIV-I infection with respect to the impact of Phyttherapy (Traditional Herb in Zimbabwe)

M B Sebit, S K Chandiwaa, A S Latif, E Gomo, S W Acuda, F Makoni, J Vushe

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Submitted: 07 August 2008
Published: 01 April 2005

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