SASOP Biological Psychiatry Congress 2013 Abstracts

E Allers, E Allers, O A Betancourt, J Benson-Martin, P Buckley, P Buckley, I Chetty, B Chiliza, P Cilliers, H Clark, P Cowen, L Dannatt, A K Domingo, K Domschke, S du Plessis, P Haddad, S Hemmings, D C Henderson, V Hitzeroth, B Janse van Rensburg, S Janse van Rensburg, G Jordaan, L Kramer, A Lachman, B Latecki, P Macqueen, N McGregor, A Moodley, Z M Moosa, L Mubaiwa, M Nagdee, C Nemeroff, G Nortje, A Ojagbemi, E Peter, L Phahladira, W Pienaar, S Ramlall, S Rataemane, A Roos, D Rosenstein, J Roux, C Schumann, M Solms, G Spies, U Subramaney, S Suliman, S Suomi, C Szabo, H Uys, J van Tonder, J Zohar, S Bakelaar, E Breet, A Bronkhorst, W Davis, D de Klerk, D Delport, B Drögemöller, E du Toit, J P Fouche


List of abstracts and authors:

1. Bipolar disorder not otherwise specified -overdiagnosed or underdiagnosed?

E Allers

2. The prognosis of major depression untreated and treated: Does the data reflect the true picture of the prognosis of this very common disorder?

E Allers

3. Can we prolong our patients' life expectancy? Providing a better quality of life for patients with severe mental illness

O A Betencourt

4. The scope of ECT practice in South Africa

J Benson-Martin, P Milligan

5. Biomarkers for schizophrenia: Can we evolve like cancer therapeutics?

P Buckley

6. Relapse in schizophrenis: Major challenges in prediction and prevention

P Buckley

7. Informed consent in biological treatments: The right to know the duty to inform

I Chetty

8. Effectiveness of a long-acting injectable antipsychotic plus an assertive monitoring programme in first-episode schizophrenia

B Chiliza, L Asmal, O Esan, A Ojagbemi, O Gureje, R Emsley

9. Name, shame, fame

P Cilliers

10. Can we manage the increasing incidence of violent raging children? We have to!

H Clark

11. Serotonin, depression and antidepressant action

P Cowen

12. Prevalence and correlates of comorbid psychiatris illness in patients with heroin use disorder admitted to Stikland Opioid Detoxification Unit

L Dannatt, K J Cloete, M Kidd, L Weich

13. Investigating the association between diabetes mellitus, depression and psychological distress in a cohort of South African teachers

A K Domingo, S Seedat, T M Esterhuizen, C Laurence, J Volmink, L Asmal

14. Neuropeptide S -emerging evidence for a role in anxiety

K Domschke

15. Pathogenetics of anxiety

K Domschke

16. The effects of HIV on the fronto-striatal system

S du Plessis, M Vink, J Joska, E Koutsilieri, C Scheller, B Spottiswoode, D Stein, R Emsley

17. Effects of acute antipsychotic treatment on brain morphology in schizophrenia

R Emsley, L Asmal, B Chiliza, S du Plessis, J Carr, A Goosen, M Kidd, M Vink, R Kahn

18. Development of a genetic database resource for monitoring of breast cancer patients at risk of physical and psychological complications

K Grant, F J Cronje, K Botha, J P Apffelstaedt, M J Kotze

19. Unipolar mania reconsidered: Evidence from a South African study

C Grobler

20. Antipsychotic-induced movement disorders: Occurence and management

P Haddad

21. The place of observational studies in assessing the effectiveness of long-acting injectable antipsychotics

P Haddad

22. Molecular mechanisms of d-cycloserine in fear extinction: Insights from RNS sequencing

S Hemmings, S Malan-Muller, L Fairbairn, M Jalali, E J Oakeley, J Gamieldien, M Kidd, S Seedat

23. Schizophrenia: The role of inflammation

DC Henderson

24. Addictions: Emergent trends and innovations

V Hitzeroth

25. The socio-cultural-religious context of biological psychiatric practice

B Janse van Rensburg

26. Biochemical markers for identifying risk factors for disability progression in multiple sclerosis

S Janse van Rensburg, M J Kotze, F J Cronje, W Davis, K Moremi, M Jalali Sefid Dashti, J Gamieldien, D Geiger, M Rensburg, R van Toorn, M J de Klerk, G M Hon, T Matsha, S Hassan, R T Erasmus

27. Alcohol-induced psychotic disorder: Brain perfusion and psychopathology - before and after antipsychotic treatment

G Jordaan, J M Warwick, D G Nel, R Hewlett, R Emsley

28.'Pump and dump': Harm reduction strategies for breastfeeding while using substances

L Kramer

29. Adolescent neuropsychiatry - an emerging field in South African adolescent psychiatric services

A Lachman

30. Recovery versus remission, or what it means to be healthy for a psychiatric patient?

B Latecki

31. Holistic methods utilised to normalise behaviours in youth diagnosed with neuro-biochemical disorders

P Macqueen

32. Candidate genes and novel polymorphisms for anxiety disorder in a South African cohort

N McGregor, J Dimatelis, S M J Hemmings, C J Kinnear, D Stein, V Russel, C Lochner

33. Higher visual functioning

A Moodley

34. The effects of prenatal methylmercury exposure on trace element and antioxidant levels in rat offspring following 6-hydroxydopamine-induced neuronal insult

Z M Moosa, W M U Daniels, M V Mabandla

35. Paediatric neuropsychiatric movement disorders

L Mubaiwa

36. The South African national female offenders study

M Nagdee, L Artz, C de Clercq, P de Wet, H Erlacher, S Kaliski, C Kotze, L Kowalski, J Naidoo, S Naidoo, J Pretorius, M Roffey, F Sokudela, U Subramaney

37. Neurobiological consequences of child abuse

C Nemeroff

38. What do Stellenbosch Unviversity medical students think about psychiatry - and why should we care?

G Nortje, S Suliman, K Seed, G Lydall, S Seedat

39. Neurological soft skins in Nigerian Africans with first episode schizophrenia: Factor structure and clinical correlates

A Ojagbemi, O Esan, O Gureje, R Emsley

40. Should psychiatric patients know their MTHFR status?

E Peter

41. Clinical and functional outcome of treatment refractory first-episode schizophrenia

L Phahladira, R Emsley, L Asmal, B Chiliza

42. Bioethics by case discussion

W Pienaar

43. Reviewing our social contract pertaining to psychiatric research in children, research in developing countries and distributive justice in pharmacy

W Pienaar

44. The performance of the MMSE in a heterogenous elderly South African population

S Ramlall, J Chipps, A I Bhigjee, B J Pillay

45. Biological basis addiction (alocohol and drug addiction)

S Rataemane

46. Volumetric brain changes in prenatal methamphetamine-exposed children compared with healthy unexposed controls

A Roos, K Donald, G Jones, D J Stein

47. Single voxel proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the amygdala in social anxiety disorder in the context of early developmental trauma

D Rosenstein, A Hess, S Seedat, E Meintjies

48. Discussion of HDAC inhibitors, with specific reference to supliride and its use during breastfeeding

J Roux

49. Prevalence and clinical correlates of police contact prior to a first diagnosis of schizophrenia

C Schumann, L Asmal, K Cloete, B Chiliza, R Emsley

50. Are dreams meaningless?

M Solms

51. The conscious id

M Solms

52. Depression and resilience in HIV-infected women with early life stress: Does trauma play a mediating role?

G Spies, S Seedat

53. State of affairs analysis for forensic psychiatry in SA

U Subramaney

54. Escitalopram in the prevention of post-traumatic stress disorder: A pilot randomised controlled trial

S Suliman, S Seedat, J Pingo, T Sutherland, J Zohar, D J Stein

55. Epigenetic consequences of adverse early social experiences in primates

S Suomi

56. Risk, resilience, and gene x environment interactions in primates

S Suomi

57. Biological aspects of anorexia nervosa

C Szabo

58. Agents used and profiles of non-fatal suicidal behaviour in East London

H Uys

59. The contributions of G-protein coupled receptor signalling to opioid dependence

J van Tonder

60. Emerging trend and innovation in PTSD and OCD

J Zohar

61. Making the SASOP treatment guidelines operational

E Allers

Poster Presentations

62. Neuropsychological deficits in social anxiety disorder in the context of early developmental trauma

S Bakelaar, D Rosenstein, S Seedat

63.Social anxiety disorder in patients with or without early childhood trauma: Relationship to behavioral inhibition and activation and quality of life

S Bakelaar, C Bruijnen, A Sambeth, S Seedat

64. Exploring altered affective processing in obssessive compulsive disorder symptom subtypes

E Breet, J Ipser, D Stein, C Lochner

65. To investigate the bias toward recognising the facial expression of disgust in obsessive compulsive disorder as well as the effect of escitalopram

E Breet, J Ipser, D Stein, C Lochner

66. A fatal-case of nevirapine-induced Stevens-Johnson's syndrome in HIV mania

A Bronkhorst, Z Zingela, W M Qwesha, B P Magigaba

67. Association of the COMT G472A (met/met) genotype with lower disability in people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis

W Davis, S J van Rensburg, L Fisher, F J Cronje, D Geiger, M J Kotze

68. Homocycsteine levels are associated with the fat mass and obesity associated gene FTO(intron 1 T>A) polymorphism in MS patients

W Davis, S J Van Rensburg, M J Kotze, L Fisher, M Jalali, F J Cronje, K Moremi, J Gamieldien, D Geiger, M Rensburg, R van Toorn, M J de Klerk, G M Hon, T Matsha, S Hassan, R T Erasmus

69. Analysis of the COMT 472 G>A (rs4680) polymorphism in relation to environmental influences as contributing factors in patients with schizophrenia

D de Klerk, S J van Rensburg, R A Emsley, D Geiger, M Rensburg, R T Erasmus, M J Kotze

70. Dietary folate intake, homocysteine levels and MTHFR mutation detection in South African patients with depression: Test development for clinical application

D Delport, N vand der Merwe, R Schoeman, M J Kotze

71. The use ofexome sequencing for antipsychotic pharmacogenomic applications in South African schizophrenia patients

B Drogmoller, D Niehaus, G Wright, B Chiliza, L Asmal, R Emsley, L Warnich

72. The effects of HIV on the ventral-striatal reward system

S du Plessis, M Vink, J Joska, E Koutsilieri, C Scheller, B Spottiswoode, D Stein, R Emsley

73. Xenomelia relates to asymmetrical insular activity: A case study of fMRI

S du Plessis, M Vink, L Asmal

74. Maternal mental helath: A prospective naturalistic study of the outcome of pregancy in women with major psychiatric disorders in an African country

E du Toit, L Koen, D Niehaus, B Vythilingum, E Jordaan, J Leppanen

75. Prefrontal cortical thinning and subcortical volume decrease in HIV-positive children with encephalopathy

J P Fouche, B Spottiswoode, K Donald, D Stein, J Hoare

76. H-magnetic resonance spectroscopy metabolites in schizophrenia

F Howells, J Hsieh, H Temmingh, D J Stein

77. Hypothesis for the development of persistent methamphetamine-induced psychosis

J Hsieh, D J Stein, F M Howells

78. Culture, religion, spirituality and psychiatric practice: The SASOP Spirituality and Psychiatry Special Interest Group Action Plan for 2012-2014

B Janse van Rensburg

79. Cocaine reduces the efficiency of dopamine uptake in a rodent model of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: An in vivo electrochemical study

L Kellaway, J S Womersley, D J Stein, G A Gerhardt, V A Russell

80. Kleine-Levin syndrome: Case in an adolescent psychiatric unit

A Lachman

81. Increased inflammatory stress specific clinical, lifestyle and therapeutic variables in patients receiving treatment for stress, anxiety or depressive symptoms

H Luckhoff, M Kotze, S Janse van Rensburg, D Geiger

82. Catatonia: An eight-case series report

M Mabenge, Z Zingela, S van Wyk

83. Relationship between anxiety sensitivity and childhood trauma in a random sample of adolescents from secondary schools in Cape Town

L Martin, M Viljoen, S Seedat

84. 'Making ethics real'. An overview of an ethics course presented by Fraser Health Ethics Services, BC, Canada

JJ McCallaghan

85. Clozapine discontinuation rates in a public healthcare setting

M Moolman, W Esterhuysen, R Joubert, J C Lamprecht, M S Lubbe

86. Retrospective review of clozapine monitoring in a publica sector psychiatric hospital and associated clinics

M Moolman, W Esterhuysen, R Joubert, J C Lamprecht, M S Lubbe

87. Association of an iron-related TMPRSS6 genetic variant c.2007 C>7 (rs855791) with functional iron deficiency and its effect on multiple sclerosis risk in the South African population

K Moremi, S J van Rensburg, L R Fisher, W Davis, F J Cronje, M Jalali Sefid Dashti, J Gamieldien, D Geiger, M Rensburg, R van Toorn, M J de Klerk, G M Hon, T Matsha, S Hassan, R T Erasmus, M Kidd, M J Kotze

88. Identifying molecular mechanisms of apormophine-induced addictive behaviours

Z Ndlazi, W Daniels, M Mabandla

89. Effects of lifestyle factors and biochemistry on the major neck blood vessels in patients with mutiple sclerosis

M Nelson, S J van Rensburg, M J Kotze, F Isaacs, S Hassan

90. Nicotine protects against dopamine neurodegenration and improves motor deficits in a Parkinsonian rat model

N Ngema, P Ngema, M Mabandla, W Daniels

91. Cognition: Probing anatomical substrates

H Nowbath

92. Chronic exposure to light reverses the effects of maternal separation on the rat prefrontal cortex

V Russel, J Dimatelis

93. Evaluating a new drug to combat Alzheimer's disease

S Sibiya, W M U Daniels, M V Mabandla

94. Structural brain changes in HIV-infected women with and without childhood trauma

G Spies, F Ahmed, C Fennema-Notestine, S Archibald, S Seedat

95. Nicotine-stimulated release of hippocampal norepinephrine is reduced in an animal model of attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder: the spontaneously hypertensive rat

T Sterley

96. Brain-derive neurotrophic factor (BDNF) protein levels in anxiety disorders: Systematic review and meta-regression analysis

S Suliman, S M J Hemmings, S Seedat

97. A 12-month retrospective audit of the demographic and clinical profile of mental healthcare users admitted to a district level hospital in the Western Cape, South Africa

E Thomas, K J Cloete, M Kidd, H Lategan

98. Magnesium recurarization: A comparison between reversal of neuromuscular block with sugammadex v. neostigmine/ glycopyrrolate in an in vivo rat model

M van den Berg, M F M James, L A Kellaway

99. Identification of breast cancer patients at increased risk of 'chemobrain': Case study and review of the literature

N van der Merwe, R Pienaar, S J van Rensburg, J Bezuidenhout, M J Kotze

100. The protective role of HAART and NAZA in HIV Tat protein-induced hippocampal cell death

S Zulu, W M U Daniels, M V Mabandla


Conference; Abstracts; Biological psychiatry; psychiatry; SASOP

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Submitted: 23 July 2013
Published: 30 August 2013

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