16th National Congress of the South African Society of Psychiatrists (SASOP)

Christer Allgulander, Orlando Alonso Betancourt, David Blackbeard, Helen Clark, Franco Colin, Sarah Cooper, Robin Emsley, Lennart Eriksson, Oye Gureje, Angelos Halaris, Sue Hawkridge, Elizabeth Howell, Bernard Janse van Rensburg, Yasmien Jeenah, Gerhard Jordaan, Andre F Joubert, Sean Kaliski, E Kinyada, N K Kirimi, Sharon Kleintjes, Liezl Kramer, Gian Lippi, Crick Lund, Dan Mkize, Povl Munk-Jorgensen, Mo Nagdee, David M Ndetei, A Parkinson, Charles Parry, Vikram Patel, Inge Petersen, Willie Pienaar, Janus Pretorius, Suvira Ramlall, Louw Roos, Shaquir Salduker, Manfred Spitzer, Christopher Szabo, Thandi van Heyningen, Jacques J M van Hoof, C W (Werdie) van Staden


List of abstracts and authors:

1. Antipsychotics in anxiety disorders

Christer Allgulander

2. Anxiety in somatic disorders

Christer Allgulander

3. Community rehabilitation of the schizophrenic patient

Orlando Alonso Betancourt, Maricela Morales Herrera

4. Dual diagnosis: A theory-driven multidisciplinary approach for integrative care

David Blackbeard

5. The emotional language of the gut - when 'psyche' meets 'soma'

Helen Clark

6. The Psychotherapy of bipolar disorder

Franco Colin

7. The Psychotherapy of bipolar disorder

Franco Colin

8. Developing and adopting mental health policies and plans in Africa: Lessons from South Africa, Uganda and Zambia

Sara Cooper, Sharon Kleintjes, Cynthia Isaacs, Fred Kigozi, Sheila Ndyanabangi, Augustus Kapungwe, John Mayeya, Michelle Funk, Natalie Drew, Crick Lund

9. The importance of relapse prevention in schizophrenia

Robin Emsley

10. Mental Health care act: Fact or fiction?

Helmut Erlacher, M Nagdee

11. Does a dedicated 72-hour observation facility in a district hospital reduce the need for involuntary admissions to a psychiatric hospital?

Lennart Eriksson

12. The incidence and risk factors for dementia in the Ibadan study of ageing

Oye Gureje, Lola Kola, Adesola Ogunniyi, Taiwo Abiona

13. Is depression a disease of inflammation?

Angelos Halaris

14. Paediatric bipolar disorder: More heat than light?

Sue Hawkridge

15. EBM: Anova Conundrum

Elizabeth L (Hoepie) Howell

16. Tracking the legal status of a cohort of inpatients on discharge from a 72-hour assessment unit

Bernard Janse van Rensburg

17. Dual diagnosis units in psychiatric facilities: Opportunities and challenges

Yasmien Jeenah

18. Alcohol-induced psychotic disorder: A comparative study on the clinical characteristics of patients with alcohol dependence and schizophrenia

Gerhard Jordaan, D G Nel, R Hewlett, R Emsley

19. Anxiety disorders: the first evidence for a role in preventive psychiatry

Andre F Joubert

20. The end of risk assessment and the beginning of start

Sean Kaliski

21. Psychiatric disorders abd psychosocial correlates of high HIV risk sexual behaviour in war-effected Eatern Uganda

E Kinyada, H A Weiss, M Mungherera, P Onyango Mangen, E Ngabirano, R Kajungu, J Kagugube, W Muhwezi, J Muron, V Patel

22. One year of Forensic Psychiatric assessment in the Northern Cape: A comparison with an established assessment service in the Eastern Cape

N K Kirimi, C Visser

23. Mental Health service user priorities for service delivery in South Africa

Sharon Kleintjes, Crick Lund, Leslie Swartz, Alan Flisher and MHaPP Research Programme Consortium

24. The nature and extent of over-the-counter and prescription drug abuse in cape town

Liezl Kramer

25. Physical health issues in long-term psychiatric inpatients: An audit of nursing statistics and clinical files at Weskoppies Hospital

Christa Kruger

26. Suicide risk in Schizophrenia - 20 Years later, a cohort study

Gian Lippi, Ean Smit, Joyce Jordaan, Louw Roos

27.Developing mental health information systems in South Africa: Lessons from pilot projects in Northern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal

Crick Lund, S Skeen, N Mapena, C Isaacs, T Mirozev and the Mental Health and Poverty Research Programme Consortium Institution

28. Mental health aspects of South African emigration

Maria Marchetti-Mercer

29. What services SADAG can offer your patients

Elizabeth Matare

30. Culture and language in psychiatry

Dan Mkize

31. Latest psychotic episode

Povl Munk-Jorgensen

32. The Forensic profile of female offenders

Mo Nagdee, Helmut Fletcher

33. The intra-personal emotional impact of practising psychiatry

Margaret Nair

34. Highly sensitive persons (HSPs) and implications for treatment

Margaret Nair

35. Task shifting in mental health - The Kenyan experience

David M Ndetei

36. Bridging the gap between traditional healers and mental health in todya's modern psychiatry

David M Ndetei

37. Integrating to achieve modern psychiatry

David M Ndetei

38. Non-medical prescribing: Outcomes from a pharmacist-led post-traumatic stress disorder clinic

A Parkinson

39. Is there a causal relationship between alcohol and HIV? Implications for policy, practice and future research

Charles Parry

40. Global mental health - A new global health discipline comes of age

Vikram Patel

41. Integrating mental health into primary health care: Lessons from pilot District demonstration sites in Uganda and South Africa

Inge Petersen, Arvin Bhana, K Baillie and MhaPP Research Programme Consortium

42. Personality disorders -The orphan child in axis I - Axis II Dichotomy

Willie Pienaar

43. Case Studies in Psychiatric Ethics

Willie Pienaar

44. Coronary artery disease and depression: Insights into pathogenesis and clinical implications

Janus Pretorius

45. Impact of the Mental Health Care Act No. 17 of 2002 on designated hospitals in KwaZulu-Natal: Triumphs and trials

Suvira Ramlall, Jennifer Chipps

46. Biological basis of addication

Solomon Rataemane

47. Genetics of Schizophrenia

Louw Roos

48. Management of delirium - Recent advances

Shaquir Salduker

49. Social neuroscience: Brain research on social issues

Manfred Spitzer

50. Experiments on the unconscious

Manfred Spitzer

51. The Psychology and neuroscience of music

Manfred Spitzer

52. Mental disorders in DSM-V

Dan Stein

53. Personality, trauma exposure, PTSD and depression in a cohort of SA Metro policemen: A longitudinal study

Ugashvaree Subramaney

54. Eating disorders: An African perspective

Christopher Szabo

55. An evaluation of the WHO African Regional strategy for mental health 2001-2010

Thandi van Heyningen, M Majavu, C Lund

56. A unitary model for the motor origin of bipolar mood disorders and schizophrenia

Jacques J M van Hoof

57. The origin of mentalisation and the treatment of personality disorders

Jacques J M Hoof

58. How to account practically for 'The Cause' in psychiatric diagnostic classification

C W (Werdie) van Staden


59. Problem drinking and physical and sexual abuse at WSU Faculty of Health Sciences, Mthatha, 2009

Orlando Alonso Betancourt, Maricela Morales Herrera, E, N Kwizera, J L Bernal Munoz

60. Prevalence of alcohol drinking problems and other substances at WSU Faculty of Health Sciences, Mthatha, 2009

Orlando Alonso Betancourt, Maricela Morales Herrera, E, N Kwizera, J L Bernal Munoz

61. Lessons learnt from a modified assertive community-based treatment programme in a developing country

Ulla Botha, Liezl Koen, John Joska, Linda Hering, Piet Ooosthuizen

62. Perceptions of psychologists regarding the use of religion and spirituality in therapy

Ottilia Brown, Diane Elkonin

63. Resilience in families where a member is living with schizophreni

Ottilia Brown, Jason Haddad, Greg Howcroft

64. Fusion and grandiosity - The mastersonian approach to the narcissistic disorder of the self

William Griffiths, D Macklin, Loray Daws

65. Not being allowed to exist - The mastersonian approach to the Schizoid disorder of the self

William Griffiths, D Macklin, Loray Daws

66. Risky drug-injecting behaviours in Cape Town and the need for a needle exchange programme

Volker Hitzeroth

67. Neuroleptic malignant syndrome in adolescents in the Western Cape: A case series

Terri Henderson

68. Experience and view of local academic psychiatrists on the role of spirituality in South African specialist psychiatry, compared with a qualitative analysis of the medical literature

Bernard Janse van Rensburg

69. The role of defined spirituality in local specialist psychiatric practice and training: A model and operational guidelines for South African clinical care scenarios

Bernard Janse van Rensburg

70. Handedness in schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder in an Afrikaner founder population

Marinda Joubert, J L Roos, J Jordaan

71. A role for structural equation modelling in subtyping schizophrenia in an African population

Liezl Koen, Dana Niehaus, Esme Jordaan, Robin Emsley

72. Caregivers of disabled elderly persons in Nigeria

Lola Kola, Oye Gureje, Adesola Ogunniyi, Dapo Olley

73. HIV Seropositivity in recently admitted and long-term psychiatric inpatients: Prevalence and diagnostic profile

Christina Kruger, M P Henning, L Fletcher

74. Syphilis seropisitivity in recently admitted longterm psychiatry inpatients: Prevalence and diagnostic profile

Christina Kruger, M P Henning, L Fletcher

75. 'The Great Suppression'

Sarah Lamont, Joel Shapiro, Thandi Groves, Lindsey Bowes

76. Not being allowed to grow up - The Mastersonian approach to the borderline personality

Daleen Macklin, W Griffiths

77. Exploring the internal confirguration of the cycloid personality: A Rorschach comprehensive system study

Daleen Macklin, Loray Daws, M Aronstam

78. A survey to determine the level of HIV related knowledge among adult psychiatric patients admitted to Weskoppies Hospital

T G Magagula, M M Mamabolo, C Kruger, L Fletcher

79. A survey of risk behaviour for contracting HIV among adult psychiatric patients admitted to Weskoppies Hospital

M M Mamabolo, T G Magagula, C Kruger, L Fletcher

80. A retrospective review of state sector outpatients (Tara Hospital) prescribed Olanzapine: Adherence to metabolic and cardiovascular screening and monitoring guidelines

Carina Marsay, C P Szabo

81. Reported rapes at a hospital rape centre: Demographic and clinical profiles

Lindi Martin, Kees Lammers, Donavan Andrews, Soraya Seedat

82. Exit examination in Final-Year medical students: Measurement validity of oral examinations in psychiatry

Mpogisheng Mashile, D J H Niehaus, L Koen, E Jordaan

83. Trends of suicide in the Transkei region of South Africa

Banwari Meel

84. Functional neuro-imaging in survivors of torture

Thriya Ramasar, U Subramaney, M D T H W Vangu, N S Perumal

85. Newly diagnosed HIV+ in South Africa: Do men and women enroll in care?

Dinesh Singh, S Hoffman, E A Kelvin, K Blanchard, N Lince, J E Mantell, G Ramjee, T M Exner

86. Diagnostic utitlity of the International HIC Dementia scale for Asymptomatic HIV-Associated neurocognitive impairment and HIV-Associated neurocognitive disorder in South Africa

Dinesh Singh, K Goodkin, D J Hardy, E Lopez, G Morales

87. The Psychological sequelae of first trimester termination of pregnancy (TOP): The impact of resilience

Ugashvaree Subramaney

88. Drugs and other therapies under investigation for PTSD: An international database

Sharain Suliman, Soraya Seedat

89. Frequency and correlates of HIV Testing in patients with severe mental illness

Hendrik Temmingh, Leanne Parasram, John Joska, Tania Timmermans, Pete Milligan, Helen van der Plas, Henk Temmingh

90. A proposed mental health service and personnel organogram for the Elizabeth Donkin psychiatric Hospital

Stephan van Wyk, Zukiswa Zingela

91. A brief report on the current state of mental health care services in the Eastern Cape

Stephan van Wyk, Zukiswa Zingela, Kiran Sukeri, Heloise Uys, Mo Nagdee, Maricela Morales, Helmut Erlacher, Orlando Alonso

92. An integrated mental health care service model for the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro

Stephan van Wyk, Zukiswa Zingela, Kiran Sukeri

93. Traditional and alternative healers: Prevalence of use in psychiatric patients

Zukiswa Zingela, S van Wyk, W Esterhuysen, E Carr, L Gaauche

Full Text:


DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4102/sajpsychiatry.v16i3.273

Submitted: 27 September 2010
Published: 01 October 2010

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