The 15th Biannual National Congress of the South African Society of Psychiatrists, 10-14 August 2008, Fancourt, George, W Cape

Eugene Allers, U A Botha, O A Betancourt, B Chiliza, Helen Clark, J Dill, Robin Emsley, Mike Ewart Smith, Alan J Flisher, Christoffel Grobler, S M Hawkridge, Volker Hitzeroth, A B R Janse van Rensburg, F Y Jeenah, S A Jeeva, G Jonsson, John Joska, Andre Joubert, Sean Kaliski, Sharon Kleintjes, Liezl Kramer, Ritsuko Kakuma, Carri Lewis, Crick Lund, P Milligan, D L Mkize, N M Moola, Margaret Nair, R J Nichol, J S Parker, Vikram Patel, Duncan Ian Rodseth, P J Pretorius, T Rangaka, Solomon Rataemane, Nathan P Rogerson, Deleyn Rosema, M S Salduker, L Scribante, Dinesh Singh, Ugash Subramaney, M Talatala, H S Temmingh, Rita Thom, Ronel van der Westhuizen, Margaretha S van Heerden, Werdie van Staden, Herman van Vuuren, Urvashi Vasant, Bavanisha Vythilingum, Lize Weich, Denise White, Dora Wynchank


1. How can we maintain a sustainable private practice in the current political and economic climate?

Eugene Allers

2. SASOP Clinical guidelines, protocols and algorithms: Development of treatment guidelines for bipolar mood disorder and major depression

 Eugene Allers, Margaret Nair, Gerhard Grobler

3. The revolving door phenomenon in psychiatry: Comparing low-frequency and high-frequency users of psychiatric inpatient services in a developing country

U A Botha, P Oosthuien, L Koen, J A Joska, J Parker, N Horn

4. Neurophysiology of emotion and senses - The interface between psyche and soma

Eugene Allers

5. Suicide prevention: From and beyond the psychiatrist's hands

O Alonso Betanourt, M Morales Herrera

6. Treatment of first-episod psychosis: Efficacy and toleabilty of a long-acting typical antipsychotic

B Chiliza, R Schoeman, R Emsey, P Oosthuizen, L KOen, D Niehaus, S Hawkridge

7. Treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in the young child

Helen Clark

8. Holistic/ Alternative treatment in psychiatry: The value of indigenous knowledge systems in cllaboration with moral, ethical and religious approaches in the military services

J Dill

9. Treating Schizophrenia: Have we got it wrong?

Robin Emsley

10.Terminal questions in the elderly

Mike Ewart Smith

11. Mental Health Policy development and implementation in Ghana, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia

Alan J Flisher, Crick Lund, Michelle Frank, Arvin Bhana, Victor Doku, Natalie Drew, Fred N Kigozi, Martin Knapp, Mayeh Omar, Inge Petersen, Andrew Green andthe MHaPP Research Programme Consortium

12. What indicators should be used to monitor progress in scaling uo services for people with mental disorders?

Lancet Global Mental Health Group (Alan J Flisher, Dan Chisholm, Crick Lund, Vikram Patel, Shokhar Saxena, Graham Thornicroft, Mark Tomlinson)

13. Does unipolar mania merit research in South Africa? A look at the literature

Christoffel Grobler

14. Revisiting the Cartesian duality of mind and body

Oye Gureje

15. Child and adolescent psychopharmacology: Current trends and complexities

S M Hawkridge

16. Integrating mental illness, suicide and religion

Volker Hitzeroth

17. Cost of acute inpatient mental health care in a 72-hour assessment uniy

A B R Janse van Rensburg, W Jassat

18. Management of Schizophrenia according to South African standard treatment guidelines

A B R Janse van Rensburg

19. Structural brain imaging in the clinical management of psychiatric illness

F Y Jeenah

20. ADHD: Change in symptoms from child to adulthood

S A Jeeva, A Turgay

21. HIV-Positive psychiatric patients in antiretrovirals

G Jonsson, F Y Jeenah, M Y H Moosa

22. A one year review of patients admitted to tertiary HIV/Neuropsychiatry beds in the Western Cape

John Joska, Paul Carey, Ian Lewis, Paul Magni, Don Wilson, Dan J Stein

23. Star'd - Critical review and treatment implications

Andre Joubert

24. Options for treatment-resistent depression: Lessons from Star'd; an interactive session

Andre Joubert

25. My brain made me do it: How Neuroscience may change the insanity defence

Sean Kaliski

26. Child andadolescent mental health services in four African countries

Sharon Kleintjies, Alan Flisher, Victoruia Campbell-Hall, Arvin Bhana, Phillippa Bird, Victor Doku, Natalie, Drew, Michelle Funk, Andrew Green, Fred Kigozi, Crick Lund, Angela Ofori-Atta, Mayeh Omar, Inge Petersen, Mental Health and Poverty Research Programme Consortium

27. Individualistic theories of risk behaviour

Liezl Kramer, Volker Hitzeroth

28. Development and implementation of mental health poliy and law in South Africa: What is the impact of stigma?

Ritsuko Kakuma, Sharon Kleintjes, Crick Lund, Alan J Flisher, Paula Goering, MHaPP Research Programme Consortium

29. Factors contributing to community reintegration of long-term mental health crae users of Weskoppies Hospital

Carri Lewis, Christa Kruger

30. Mental health and poverty: A systematic review of the research in low- and middle-income countries

Crick Lund, Allison Breen, Allan J Flisher, Ritsuko Kakuma, Leslie Swartz, John Joska, Joanne Corrigall, Vikram Patel, MHaPP Research Programe Consortium

31. The cost of scaling up mental health care in low- and middle-income countries

Crick Lund, Dan Chishlom, Shekhar Saxena

32. 'Tikking'Clock: The impact of a methamphetamine epidemic at a psychiatric hospital in the Western Cape

P Milligan, J S Parker

33. Durban youth healh-sk behaviour: Prevalence f Violence-related behaviour

D L Mkize

34. Profile of morality of patients amitted Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital in Sout frican over a 5-Year period (2001-2005)

N M Moola, N Khamker, J L Roos, P Rheeder

35. One flew over Psychiatry nest

Leverne Mountany

36. The ethical relationship betwe psychiatrists and the pharmaceutical indutry

Margaret  G Nair

37. Developing the frameor of a postgraduate da programme in mental health

R J Nichol, B de Klerk, M M Nel, G van Zyl, J Hay

38. An unfolding story: The experience with HIV-ve patients at a Psychiatric Hospital

J S Parker, P Milligan

39. Task shifting: A practical strategy for scalingup mental health care in developing countries

Vikram Patel

40. Ethics: Informed consent and competency in the elderly

Willie Pienaar

41. Confronting ommonmoral dilemmas. Celebrating uncertainty, while in search  patient good

Willie Pienaar

42. Moral dilemmas in the treatment and repatriation of patients with psychtorders while visiting our country

Duncan Ian Rodseth

43. Geriatrics workshop (Psegal symposium): Medico-legal issuess in geriatric psyhiatry

Felix Potocnik

44. Brain stimulation techniques - update on recent research

P J Pretorius

45. Holistic/Alternative treatments in psychiatry

T Rangaka, J Dill

46. Cognitive behaviour therapy and other brief interventions for management of substances

Solomon Rataemane

47. A Transtheoretical view of change

Nathan P Rogerson

48. Profile of security breaches in longerm mental health care users at Weskoppies Hospital over a 6-month period

Deleyn Rema, Lindiwe Mthethwa, Christa Kruger

49. Management of psychogenic and chronic pain - A novel approach

M S Salduker

50. Childhood ADHD and bipolar mood disorders: Differences and similarities

L Scribante

51. The choice of antipsychotic in HIV-infected patients and psychopharmacocal responses to antipsychotic medication

Dinesh Singh, Karl Goodkin

52. Pearls in clinical neuroscience: A teaching column in CNS Spectrums

Dan J Stein

53. Urinary Cortisol secretion and traumatics in a cohort of SA Metro policemen A longitudinal study

Ugash Subramaney

54. Canabis use in Psychiatric inpatients

M Talatala, G M Nair, D L Mkize

55. Pathways to care and treatmt in first and multi-episodepsychosis: Findings fm a developing country

H S Teh, P P Oosthuizen

56. Mental disorders in HIV-infected indivat various HIV Treatment sites in South Africa

Rita Thom

57. Attendanc ile of long-term mental health care users at ocupational therapy group sessions at Weskoppies Hospital

Ronel van der Westhuizen, Christa Kruger

58. Epidemiological patterns of extra-medical drug use in South Africa: Results from the South African stress and health study

Margaretha S van Heerden, Anna Grimsrud, David Williams, Dan  Stein

59. Persocentred diagnosis: Where d ps and mental disorders fit in the International classificaton of diseases (ICD)?

Werdie van Staden

60. What every psychiatrist needs to know about scans

Herman van Vuuren

61. Psychiatric morbidity in health care workers withle drug-resistant erulosis (MDR-TB) A case series

Urvashi Vasant, Dinesh Singh

62. Association between uetrine artery pulsatility index and antenatal maternal psychological stress

Bavanisha Vythilingum, Lut Geerts, Annerine Roos, Sheila Faure, Dan J Stein

63. Approaching the dual diagnosis dilemma

Lize Weich

64. Women's mental health: Onset of mood disturbance in midlife - Fact or fiction

Denise White

65. Failing or faking: Isses in the fiagnosis and treatment of adult ADHD

Dora Wynchank

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Submitted: 15 September 2008
Published: 01 August 2008

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