13th National Congress of the South African Society of Psychiatrists, 20-23 September 2004

Eugene Allers, Christer Allgulander, Sean Exner Baumann, Charles L Bowden, P Buckley, David J Castle, Beatrix J Coetzee, Franco Colin, A M Dikobe, Charl Els, Robin Emsley, Senathi Fisha, A E Gangat, T Goba, Gerhard Grundling, Jürgen Harms, S M Hawkridge, Erick Hollander, M L Janet, A B R Janse van Rensburg, Shabeer Ahmed Jeeva, J A Joska, Andre Joubert, Sean Z Kaliski, V N Khanyile, Fred Kigozi, B Levinson, Marilyn Lucas, E N Madela-Mntla, M Y H Moosa, Piet Oosthuizen, Ted Parran, A Pauw, Willie Pienaar, Felix Potocnik, Ramovha Rachel, J. L Roos, Steven P Roose, Martin Scholtz, Soraya Seedat, M Spitzer, Dan J Stein, Ugash Subramaney, Dave Swingler, Christopher Paul Szabo, Godfrey B Tangwa, Michael Trimble, H van der Bijl, L M van der Merwe, Vasi van Deventer, C W van Staden, W J C Verbeeck, G C Verster, Merryll Vorster, Bruce Lydiard


List of abstacts and authors:

1. Integrating the art and science of psychiatry

Eugene Allers

2. Chronic pain as a predictor of outcome in an inpatient Psychiatric population

Eugene Allers and Gerhard Grundling

3. Recent advances in social phobia

Christer Allgulander

4. Clinical management of patients with anxiety disorders

Christer Allgulander

5. Do elephants suffer from Schizophrenia? (Or do the Schizophrenias represent a disorder of self consciousness?) A Southern African perspective

Sean Exner Baumann

6. Long term maintenance treatment of Bipolar Disorder: Preventing relapse

Charles L. Bowden

7. Predictors of response to treatments for Bipolar Disorder

Charles L. Bowden

8. Aids/HIV knowledge and high risk behaviour: A Geo-graphical comparison in a schizophrenia population

P Buckley, S van Vuuren, L Koen, J E Muller, C Seller, H Lategan, D J H Niehaus

9. Does Marijuana make you go mad?

David J Castle

10. Understanding and management of Treatment Resistant Schizophrenia

David J Castle

11. Workshop on research and publishing

David J Castle

12. From victim to victor: Without a self-help book

Beatrix Jacqueline Coetzee

13. The evaluation of the Gender Dysphoric patient

Franco Colin

14. Dissociation: A South African model

A M Dikobe, C K Mataboge, L M Motlana, B F Sokudela, C Kruger

15. Designated smoking rooms...and other "Secret sins" of psychiatry: Tobacco cessation approaches in the severely mentally ill

Charl Els

16. Dual diagnosis: Implications for treatment and prognosis

Charl Els

17. Body weight, glucose metabolism and the new generation antipsychotics

Robin Emsley

18. Neurological abnormalities in first episode Schizophrenia: Temporal stability and clinical and outcome correlates

Robin Emsley, H Jadri Turner, Piet P Oosthuizen, Jonathan Carr

19. Mythology of depressive illnesses among Africans

Senathi Fisha

20. Substance use and High school dropout

Alan J. Flisher, Lorraine Townsend, Perpetual Chikobvu, Carl Lombard, Gary King

21. Psychosis and Psychotic disorders

A E Gangat

22. Vulnerability of individuals in a family system to develop a psychiatric disorder

Gerhard Grundling and Eugene Allers

23. What does it Uberhaupt mean to "Integrate"?

Jürgen Harms

24. Research issues in South African child and adolescent psychiatry

S M Hawkridge

25. New religious movements and psychiatry: The Good News

V H Hitzeroth

26. The pregnant heroin addict: Integrating theory and practice in the development and provision of a service for this client group

V H Hitzeroth, L Kramer

27. Autism spectrum disorder

Erick Hollander

28. Recent advances and management in treatment resistance

Eric Hollander

29. Bipolar mixed states

M. Leigh Janet

30. Profile of acute psychiatric inpatients tested for HIV - Helen Jospeh Hospital, Johannesburg

A B R Janse van Rensburg

31. ADHD - Using the art of film-making as an education medium

Shabeer Ahmed Jeeva

32. Treatment of adult ADHD co-morbidities

Shabeer Ahmed Jeeva

33. Needs and services at ward one, Valkenberg Hospital

Dr J. A. Joska, Prof. A.J. Flisher

34. Unanswered questions in the adequate treatment of depression

Moderator: Dr Andre F Joubert

Expert: Prof. Tony Hale

35. Unanswered questions in treatment resistant depression

Moderator: Dr Andre F Joubert

Expert: Prof. Sidney Kennedy

36. Are mentally ill people dangerous?

Sen Z Kaliski

37. The child custody circus

Sean Z. Kaliski

38. The appropriatenes of certification of patients to psychiatric hospitals

V. N. Khanyile

39. HIV/Aids Psychosocial responses and ethical dilemmas

Fred Kigozi

40. Sex and Psychiatry

B Levinson

41. Violence and abuse in psychiatric in-patient institutions: A South African perspective

Marilyn Lucas, John Weinkoove, Dean Stevenson

42. Public health sector expenditure for mental health - A baseline study for South Africa

E N Madela-Mntla

43. HIV in South Africa: Depression and CD4 count

M Y H Moosa, F Y Jeenah

44. Clinical strategies in dealing with treatment resistant schizophrenia

Piet Oosthuizen, Dana Niehaus, Liezl Koen

45. Buprenorphine/Naloxone maintenance in office practice: 18 months and 170 patients after the American release

Ted Parran Jr, Chris Adelman

46. Integration of Pharmacotherapy for Opioid dependence into general psychiatric practice: Naltrexone, Methadone and Buprenorphine/ Naloxone

Ted Parran

47. Our African understanding of individulalism and communitarianism

Willie Pienaar

48. Healthy ageing and the prevention of Dementia

Felix Potocnik, Susan van Rensburg, Christianne Bouwens

49. Indigenous plants and methods used by traditional African healers for treatinf psychiatric patients in the Soutpansberg Area (Research was done in 1998)

Ramovha Muvhango Rachel

50. Symptom pattern & associated psychiatric disorders in subjects with possible & confirmed 22Q11 deletional syndrome

J.L. Roos, H.W. Pretorius, M. Karayiorgou

51. Duration of antidepressant treatment: How long is long enough? How long is too long

Steven P Roose

52. A comparison study of early non-psychotic deviant behaviour in the first ten years of life, in Afrikaner patients with Schizophrenia, Schizo-affective disorder and Bipolar disorder

Martin Scholtz, Melissa Janse van Rensburg, J. Louw Roos

53. Treatment, treatment issues, and prevention of PTSD in women: An update

Soraya Seedat

54. Fron neural networks to clinical practice

M Spitzer

55. Opening keynote presentation: The art and science of Psychiatry

M Spitzer

56. The future of Pharmacotherapy for anxiety disorders

Dan J. Stein

57. Neuropsychological deficits pre and post Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT) thrice a week: A report of four cases

Ugash Subramaney, Yusuf Moosa

58. Prevalence of and risk factors for Tradive Dyskinesia in a Xhosa population in the Eastern Cape

Dave Singler, Betty D. Patterson, Sandi Willows

59. Eating disorders: Addictive disorders?

Christopher Paul Szabo

60. Ethical challenges and dilemmas of research in third world countries

Godfrey B. Tangwa

61. The interface between Neurology and Psychiatry with specific focus on Somatoform dissociative disorders

Michael Trimble

62. Prevalence and correlates of depression and anxiety in doctors and teachers

H Van der Bijl, P Oosthuizen

63. Ingrid Jonker: A psychological analysis

L. M. van der Merwe

64. The strange world we live in, and the nature of the human subject

Vasi van Deventer

65. Art in psychiatry: Appendix or brain stem?

C W van Staden

66. Medical students on what "Soft skills" are about before and after curriculum reform

C W van Staden, P M Joubert, A-M Bergh, G E Pickworth, W J Schurink, R R du Preez, J L Roos, C Kruger, S V Grey, B G Lindeque

67. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) - Medical management. Methylphenidate (Ritalin) or Atomoxetine (Strattera)

Andre Venter

68. A comprehensive guide to the treatment of adults with ADHD

W J C Verbeeck

69. Treatment of Insomnia: Stasis of the Art?

G C Verster

70. Are prisoners vulnerable research participants?

Merryll Vorster

71. Psychiatric disorders in the gym

Merryl Vorster

72. Ciprales: Effects on anxiety symptoms in Major Depressive Disorder

Bruce Lydiard

Full Text:


DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4102/sajpsychiatry.v10i3.150

Submitted: 12 August 2008
Published: 01 October 2004

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